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This section includes detailed information on the stock symbols and current stock prices as well as some characteristics on each of our shares and debentures. It also presents the most recent amounts of dividends paid or declared and a history of dividends on common shares and preferred shares.

Common Shares: LB

Common shares outstanding as at October 31, 2017: 38 846 710

Non-cumulative Class & Preferred Shares:

Series 13: LB.PR.H
Preferred shares Series 13 outstanding (March 27, 2014): 5,000,000

Series 15: LB.PR.J
Preferred shares Series 15 outstanding (March 17, 2016): 4 000 000

Preferred Shares


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Regulatory Capital

Regulatory capital – Q1-2018

Regulatory capital – Q2-2018

Regulatory capital – Q3-2018

Regulatory capital – Q4-2018

Information Concerning Compensation

Information concerning compensation